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Pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III delayed

Samsung Galaxy S III

The pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III has apparently been delayed, at least in certain markets. So if fans were getting ready to pick up a snazzy blue S III on launch day, they might have to wait anywhere up to a month longer, if reports are to be believed.

It seems that this snag hasn’t hit the white version of the device though, and the delay will primarily affect the Nordic regions. But it is unclear whether would-be customers in other parts of the world including the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and the Persian Gulf states would also have to bear the brunt of this delay.

According to Engadget, based on information provided by several retailers, the demand for the blue variant is stretching supply. This is in slight contradiction to certain rumors floating around pointing to the possibility that there had been some sort of defect in the plastic back coverings of the pebble blue version.

Samsung Galaxy S III 2

One of the news sources cited by Engadget claims that Samsung allegedly had to destroy about 600,000 of the S III’s rear cases and arrange for production of new units. But this remains speculation for now as there is no official word from the South Korean bigwig headquartered in Seoul. The effects of the delay could possibly be widespread and we’re not sure yet if the retailers fans have pre-ordered from will allow them to switch to a marble white one on launch day.

The nice folks over at Clove UK don’t seem to be aware of any delay in the blue units. But anything could crop up between now and the hotly-anticipated phone’s May 29 release date. We expect to hear more on the issue soon.