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PayPal UK lets users pay for stuff with their face

PayPay UK is testing a feature which lets users make purchases with their face instead of handling actual cash to do the same. In other words, we’re looking at cashless payments which will allow you to merely hold onto your smartphone while out on a shopping trip. The transaction process seems to be pretty straightforward and it will mostly require people to relinquish the feeling of security that carrying around actual banknotes offers.

Several businesses in Richmond are trialing the technology in partnership with PayPal. If all goes according to plan, it may be rolled out to more areas in the UK soon. The way the software works is quite simple. A ‘check-in’ sort of command needs to be executed as the first step. For this, users will have to drop a pin icon on the participating retailer, eatery or bar they intend to visit. The name and profile photo of the customer will then be sent to the targeted outlet.

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The payment is made once the price of the service or product being bought is agreed upon and the cashier clicks on the image of the person being served. The user will then receive an alert informing him/her about the transaction having been processed and a receipt of the purchase via email. The reaction has mostly been positive, it seems. PayPal’s Rob Harper tells Wired that businesses have said it saves time over the regular card payment routine.

The PayPal cashless payment utility is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms.