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PayPal becomes more flexible with added features via third party applications

PayPal logo, credit cards There is news of eBay changing itself by embracing third party developers for its consumer’s advantage. Meanwhile, PayPal has also taken part in the league of portals wanting a makeover for consumers. PayPal, a site owned by eBay, also will be redesigned by the hands of developers. It will now feature the latest version of the Developer Central Portal, as announced in the eBay Developers Conference in Chicago.

PayPal will be sporting a marketing library with prepackaged sales presentations and case studies and customizable datasheets aimed at developers to sell PayPal integration projects. Then there will be a technical library which will feature sample codes and materials that guide users on online payments. The site will also advice and provide tips on marketing along with forums meant to give a platform to users to exchange ideas.

On the technical front, the Developer Central Portal will feature new application programming interfaces (API) like Recurring Payments API for subscription billing and conducting transactions with frequent customers. Earlier the portal offered 25 APIs that helped online sellers to manage subscriptions, send and receive money online, refund transactions and check transaction histories.

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With the new additions, the portal will provide more options to the traders for managing their transactions.

Currently the PayPal Developer programme boasts of more than 35,000 members and has certified more than 300 of them. The directory of these developers will be made available by the portal as per the current developments.

PayPal supports 17 currencies and offers its services across 190 markets and has more than 60 million active accounts. For its growing number of traders making use of the portal, the developments will offer a “set of free business and technical kits to help developers market their services, identify customer leads, complete integration projects more easily and share knowledge with community peers” as Glenn Lim, general manager of PayPal’s alliances and developer servicesmentioned. Lim claims that PayPal is seeing tremendous growth with a rise of 60 percent in non-eBay related business and traders are experiencing a14 percent boost in sales.

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“Time is always a challenge for developers like me, who work double duty on integration projects while simultaneously chasing new business leads,” said William Blanchard, a PayPal Certified Developer and the owner of three-year-old LAMbCast to eWeek. “The new marketing resources and technical content on Developer Central will help me focus on my development projects instead of creating marketing material from scratch.”

The Developer Central Portal will be released in July.

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