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Patent confirms Apple iRing is real, comes with touchscreen and biosensors

Rumors about an Apple iRing have been floating around since 2013, and there is now conclusive proof that such a wearable gadget is indeed in the works. A patent filed by the company on October 1 describes a ‘Ring Computing Device’ which can be worn on a person’s finger.

The potential Apple iRing could be stuffed with a processor, rechargeable battery, camera and touchscreen. A wireless transceiver would enable it to send signals to various gadgets such as a computer, TV or car. It might potentially be utilized as a way to change the heating or lighting in a house.

Apple thinks the device is easier to control than other smart wearables as it requires only one hand to be used and can easily be carried anywhere. The idea is to wear it on the first finger and use a second finger, like the thumb, to input commands via the touchscreen. The document states the ring may establish a wireless link with an external device by just pointing at it.

Apple iRing

According to the patent, published on Patently Apple, gesture-based sensors embedded within the iRing might be able to recognize a person’s handwriting. There’s also mention of a biometric chip to detect biological information. A microphone could be included as well, in order to process voice commands by the user.

Other features consist of video playback and volume control, text entry and motion capture. Apple has also come up with a cool way to charge the device via the wheel of a car. A wireless power broadcasting unit would be integrated within the unit, which would allow the smart ring to be powered up simply by driving.

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It should be noted that this is a utility patent which describes the functions of the Apple iRing and not a design copyright. As it’s still in the application stage, there’s no way of knowing when such a product may release in the market.