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Parrot PMK5800 Bluetooth Car-kit launched by IDLDPL in India

Parrot PMK5800 Bluetooth Car-kit

IDLDPL has brought out a much-needed product called the Parrot PMK5800 in India. What makes this Bluetooth car-kit amazing is the fact that it needs no installation for both hands-free calling and music entertainment.

The Parrot PMK5800 Bluetooth device has a built-in FM transmitter that enables the car-kit to stream tunes vua A2DP from a mobile phone. To makes things better, an advanced audio quality is transmitted always.

The user’s voice calls will also be transmitted to the car’s stereo deck, offering a comfortable hands-free experience for the driver. To receive an incoming call, all the user has to do is press the preset FM station that has been chosen by them in advance. When this is done, the PMK5800 automatically mutes the music which has been playing all the while.

Some very important features come bundled with the Parrot PMK5800 Bluetooth car-kit, which are:

  • Echo and noise cancellation offering flawless sound quality
  • Full duplex sound
  • Built-in Voice recognition software for true hands-free calling. Thus, all users have to do is simply say the contact’s name and then they are dialed immediately.
  • The full-featured Parrot PMK5800 car-kit is compact and highly portable. It plugs into the 12V cigarette socket plug and automatically pairs with the user’s Bluetooth mobile phone.

    With the Parrot PMK5800 you can play your favorite music tracks wirelessly via Bluetooth (with any Bluetooth enabled A2DP device) or with a wired connection to the PMK5800 (mini- USB cable supplied with the kit). Either way, music is transmitted to the vehicle stereo via FM radio waves and reproduced through the car speakers.

    Specifications of the Parrot PMK5800 Bluetooth Car-kit:

  • Built-in omni directional microphone with adaptive gain
  • Advanced noise reduction (new algorithm)
  • Echo cancellation
  • Residual echo cancellation
  • Transmission through the vehicle’s speakers
  • Line-in connector for audio players
  • Six-digit red LED Reversible display
  • Support for up to 10 mobile phones paired
  • Number of contacts: 150 per phone
  • The Parrot PMK5800 Bluetooth car-kit is available at a price of Rs.5,990 exclusively at IDLDPL.