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Parrot MiniKit Bluetooth-enabled Handsfree Device launched in India

Parrot MiniKit Bluetooth-enabled Handsfree India Digital Lifestyle Distributors (IDLDPL) has just launched the Parrot brand of Bluetooth handsfree devices in India. With the launch of this brand, IDLDPL has initially introduced the Parrot MiniKit, a Bluetooth-enabled handsfree device.

The Parrot MiniKit Bluetooth-enabled handsfree features next-generation, high-quality voice recognition and audio quality for crystal clear, voice-activated phoning in the car, at home or in the office.

You can fix the Parrot MiniKit on any part of the dashboard, allowing the driver of the vehicle to use their mobile phones without taking their hands of the wheel.

The Parrot MiniKit Bluetooth Handsfree device offers great audio quality due to its built-in two-watt high-fidelity speaker and a built-in mini-directional microphone supported by the latest DSP-2 signal processing technology.

A great feature packed into the Parrot MiniKit is its advanced voice recognition technology which allows users to set up their phone books with voice tags, bestowing them added control of handsfree voice dialing.

What’s more; the Parrot MiniKit Bluetooth device is user-friendly as well. It also has upgradeable software to ensure compatibility with future handsets.

It is able to pair up with five devices; each having 150 voice tags, and is also able to recognize multiple languages. Once paired, it will connect automatically with the users mobile.

The lightweight and compact Parrot MiniKit weights just 3.5 ounces and measures 4.3×2.5×1.2 inches. It is just about the size of a wallet, allowing one to fit it easily into a pocket or bag.

TH eParrot MiniKit features 10 hours of talk time, over a week of standby time and requires just 3 hours to get fully recharged. It comes bundled with a 12V and 120V charging unit.

The Parrot MiniKit is reasonably priced at Rs.5990 and is available in India at most retail stores.