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Parrot DF7700 MMS Digital Photo Frame integrating a SIM rolled out

Parrot DF7700 The present day mobile phones are literally being advanced to the maximum and thus being transformed into literal personal computers. However, Parrot wanted to turn things around a bit and decided to give its digital photo frame the features of a mobile phone.

The Parrot DF7700 digital photo frame includes a SIM card with a dedicated phone number. Thanks to this innovative feature, users will be able to directly send their pictures from a camera-enabled handset to the frame. And if you prefer being old school, then you have a choice of uploading photos through the mini-USB port or its multi format memory card slot. Coming to its basic specs, the DF7700 digital photo frame looks real chic with its black leather frame, it has a 7-inch TFT high-res display (720×480 pixels) which supports 262,000 colors. Adjustable backlighting and brightness settings, adjustable orientations of photos and internal memory capacity of 500 images in JPEG or GIF format are the key features of Parrot’s new frame.

Though Parrot has added a plethora of features into the digital photo frame which measures 193 mm x 147 mm x 21 mm (WxHxD) and weighs 580 g, wonder why it preferred skipping the very core Bluetooth feature.

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In a gist, the Parrot DF7700 digital photo frame includes the following:

  • High-resolution digital TFT screen with 720 x 480 pixels
  • Displays photos with 262 144 colours
  • Display dimensions: 130 x 87 mm
  • Connections:
  • – GPRS Class 10 (dual band) for transferring photos from a phone
    – Mini USB port (for transferring photos from a PC)
    – SD/MMC card slot (for transferring photos directly from a camera)

  • Receives MMS messages
  • Photo format: JPEG and GIF
  • Stores up to 500 photos
  • Automatically adapts the picture size to the screen
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Automatically rotates the picture (portrait/landscape)
  • Adjustable backlight (manual or automatic)
  • External frame with an interchangeable leather surround
  • Memory cards accepted:
  • SD, miniSD (with adapter), microSD (with adapter), MMC, RS-MMC (with adapter), MMC plus, MMC mobile (with adapter), MMC micro (with adapter), SDHC, mini SDHC (with adapter).

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    The Parrot DF7700 digital photo frame will be shown at CTIA next week. Though no details on the pricing information or release date have been revealed yet, what’s roughly known is that it will first step foot in the North American market.

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