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Parce texts to ask if it should stop your gadgets from sucking up extra power

In case you missed it, there’s this Parce One adapter on crowd-funding site Indiegogo, which texts you for permission and controls your energy usage. The device claims to be capable of assisting users in knocking down up to 50% off their annual power consumption.

And it’s obviously good for the environment too. The reason for buying it is pretty simple – it will help you pay less on your monthly electricity bills. But as Cult of Mac notes, it may take years before the $69 cost of the adapter can be covered in energy savings.

Parce One Adapter

How it works:

The interaction between the Parce One and you takes play in the cloud. It sends visual reports via mobile or PC hinting where you could be saving on electricity. For example, the gizmo keeps tabs on which devices are drawing power and whether they’ve been in standby mode for too long.

If it detects that say, a PC, has been idle for an unnecessary amount of time, it messages you to ask if it can turn off the system. You can set a schedule for it to stick by or control it remotely whenever you feel the need to. The device pops out of the box in automatic mode which can be switched for professional mode when you want to apply custom settings.

The Parce will start shipping out in November 2014. You’ve got 53 days left to order it from here. The $69 early bird deal is still open. For $79, early adopters can get it in matte white. The silver or black units are $99. So will it have the same luck as the Unbuntu Edge or not?