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Pantech Duo Handset with Dual Keyboard launched by AT&T in the US

Pantech Duo from AT&T Pantech together with AT&T have announced the launch of the highly anticipated Pantech Duo mobile phone. The Pantech Duo which offers a host of features is now available in the US exclusively from AT&T.

The Pantech Duo handset features an innovative dual-sliding and a double keyboard design that offers users the convenience of both a full QWERTY and a numeric keypad. The drop-down QWERTY keyboard is ideal for writing out those long emails and editing Microsoft Word or Excel documents, while the numeric keyboard is perfect for sending quick texts and dialing on the run.

The UMTS-HSDPA-enabled Pantech Duo also happens to be one of the first devices in the AT&T portfolio to be powered by the Windows Mobile 6 operating system.

The 3G Pantech Duo mobile phone sports a large 240×320 pixel color screen. The phone measures just 4.02 inches tall, 1.97 inches wide and 0.83 inches thick.

The Pantech Duo mobile phone also offers users a choice of personal email and messaging options which include AT&T Xpress Mail push email service which supports POP3?IMAP personal email services; instant messaging capabilities; and the ability to send and receive multimedia messages with color videos and photos.

Besides offering a host of features that makes work for professionals a ton easier, the Pantech Duo mobile phone also allows user to remain entertained. Using the dynamic AT&T Mobile Music and CV services, users are able to manage their multimedia libraries, download and play stereo-quality music, watch TV shows and view exclusive content from HBO, MTV and ESPN.

Other on board features of the Pantech Duo include Internet Explorer Mobile, Windows Media Player 10 Mobile and Stereo Bluetooth.

According to Jay Yim, chief marketing officer, Global Operations, Pantech Group Inc, “The Pantech duo is a sharp, sophisticated and powerful product and is built to take full advantage of AT&T’s swift and extensive BroadbandConnect network.”

“By combining full QWERTY and numeric keypads in the same eye-catching device, the Pantech duo is designed to slide between work and play environments by instinctively addressing the many needs of every user along the way. From the boardroom to a night on the town, the Windows Mobile 6-powered Pantech duo bridges all needs and delivers a solution that customers have been waiting for,” he added.

The Pantech Duo handset is immediately available in the US exclusively from AT&T for a price of $199.99