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Pano Logic First True Virtualized Desktop launched

Pano Logic Virtualized Desktop Silicon Valley-based Pano Logic has announced the industry’s first ever ‘all hardware and no software’ desktop device specifically designed for server-based desktop virtualization. Called the Pano device, it has no CPU, memory, operating system or drivers loaded onto it.

Basically, the Pano device connects the keyboard, mouse, display, audio and USB peripherals over an existing IP network to say Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows XP that is running on a virtualized server.

Thus, the Pano device moves all software off the desktop to the server, making it the first true virtualized desktop. The Pano device reduces desktop TCO by 70% and eliminates desktop as a security risk.

Benefits of using the Pano Logic Virtual Desktop:

  • By moving all software off the desktop and onto the server, Pano reduces desktop TCO by 70 percent — saving $3200 per desktop over three years.
  • Pano desktop devices have no software, so they require no software updates
  • Physical visits to the desktop endpoint by IT personnel are eliminated
  • Software installations and upgrades are performed centrally
  • Server virtualization efficiently shares hardware across the entire user population
  • Malware on the client is not possible because Pano has no software
  • Pano consumes only 5 watts – 3% of a typical PC – making it the ultimate green alternative

Configurable buttons on the Pano device include:

  • USB security – granular access control can be set easily based on user and type of peripheral. Specific operations can be blocked, allowed, or recorded as needed.
  • Information leakage prevention – local storage can be disabled to prevent users from copying information to local devices, including any USB devices.
  • Network security – Traffic is protected using 128-bit AES encryption.

The Pano Logic virtual desktop will be available in September 2007 for $20 per month on a subscription basis.