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6 Pandora Alternatives

We’ve formed a list of the best Pandora alternatives that are presently available across the internet. There’s no shortage of music-oriented websites out there but for your convenience, we’ve picked the acme bunch of the lot. With options like Grooveshark and last.fm, you can expect the best tunes, anytime night or day. Music to soothe your every mood is what you’ll get from each of our choices. So turn up that volume and get set to sway.

1 – Grooveshark:


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‘Embark on a mind-opening journey of incredible new music,’ is the motto here. Looked upon as an on-demand music streaming and discovery service, Grooveshark is your one-stop shop for acquiring the best tunes on the block. If you’re connected to the internet, this is the place to be especially when you want to create playlists and discover new songs. What’s more, you can easily share all the latest tracks with friends and family via social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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This medium is also a great way for new artists to promote and distribute their music online. Whatever you want and whenever you want it is just a few clicks away. This is an international solution to all your grooving needs, so whether you’re in India or Iceland, you’ll still be able to access all its interesting attributes.

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2 – Slacker:


Want a highly personalized experience while listening to your favorite music? Well, Slacker is made up of radio stations that feature popular songs that are categorized in different genres. Besides just listening to custom music, you can also tune into stations that dabble in sports, news and even comedy. There are 2 types of subscriptions offered here. While Slacker Radio Plus bears a price of just $3.99 per month, Slacker Premium Radio can be procured by shelling out $9.99 for the same time period. Even when you’re away from your computer, Slacker Radio will still be just a click away. A free mobile application for various devices like BlackBerry, Android and iOS enables you to access Slacker anytime, anywhere. However, this entrant in our sites like Pandora array is restricted to the US only.

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3 – last.fm:


The music recommendation service last.fm lets you discover new music based on the songs you like. Depending on your specific tastes, the website dishes out similar tracks so that you can enjoy a whole new side of your favorite genre, artist or band. This process is carried out with the help of the Scrobbler. Now for those who are left wondering just what a Scrobbler is, well, it’s a software option that fathoms how often you play a particular song and which of your friends have similar interests. Depending on this feedback, last.fm delivers new music directly to your fingertips. Audiophiles can further connect with their ‘musical neighbors’ as well as receive recommendations for events and festivals.

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4 – Songza:


Want another free music-centric web radio? The next inclusion in our services similar to Pandora roster provides you with just that. ‘Relaxing? Working? Throwing a party? Songza has the perfect music for any occasion,’ reveals the brains behind this endeavor. You’ll be able to find just the right playlist for any sort of occasion or situation. No need to worry about monthly listening limits or audio advertisements. The treasure chest of playlists is organized by genre, decade, activity and mood. So you can never go wrong with the music featured in each lineup. Furthermore, your favorite playlists can also be saved and shared with loved ones via email and Facebook. Now, all your desired tracks get to travel along with you through respective apps that are fashioned for the Kindle Fire as well as iOS- and Android-powered devices. So arm yourself with the right music for the right moment.

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5 – 8tracks:


As the name aptly suggests, the 8tracks service allows music lovers to share and discover new tunes via online playlists that comprise of at least 8 tracks each. Besides simply enjoying the songs that are smartly compiled by other like-minded individuals, you can also create a mix of your own for others to hit play and groove to. Playlists of your choice can be acquired by simply searching through different categories such as genre and artists. Like what you hear? Well, 8tracks also allows you to stream the same in a legal, radio-style manner.

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Offering a great platform for aspiring DJs, the service enables them to carve their own playlists complete with descriptions and artworks. And like Grooveshark, you can also access all these mixes from anywhere across the globe. So whether you want to listen to blues, country, classic, dance, hip-hop, R&B or jazz, you’ll be able to zero in on the respective playlists that feature either one or more of the aforementioned categories.

6 – Stereomood:


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The internet radio just tapped into its emotional side and emerged up with the Stereomood service. And like a few of the aforementioned sites like Pandora, this delight is not limited to only one specific country or region. Whatever your mood, situation or activity is, you will be provided with all the right tunes. No need to flick through a sea of playlists or artists in order to opt for the apt tracks. Simply hit any of the moods that are laid across the page in the form of single textual words. The various options include hangover, studying, chillout, dancing, spring break, need of love, aggressive and cooking time, among many others. Having a candlelight dinner? Let Stereomood take you through the evening by playing a perfect setlist that’s infused with loads of romantic numbers.

So how many Pandora alternatives have you already tried? Do let us know which ones tugged at your heartstrings and even those that simply fell flat.

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