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Panasonic Elite Panaboard, an interactive whiteboard rolled out in India

Panasonic Elite Panaboard

Here’s announcing just that one important thing that was missing in your presentation room until now – the Panasonic Elite Panaboard. So what exactly is this Elite Panaboard? Well, the innovative Elite Panaboard is an interactive whiteboard for educational institutions and businesses in India. It allows direct display of the contents of a computer screen onto the board with a huge 77-inch screen for high-impact lessons and presentations. Thanks to this, users can operate their own software applications for business presentations or school lessons.

Compatible with Windows applications like PowerPoint and Excel, and any other kind of special educational software, users can write or draw onto the Elite Panaboard’s screen, add notes, diagrams, text and images, providing powerful support for both business and education, with credible presentations backed by Internet resources for the office, and interesting lessons filled with large-screen visuals for the classroom. It boasts a concealed light reflection and sturdy surface.

Simply connect the Elite Panaboard to a PC and projector and bring a huge amount of information available on the web or on the PC right into the classroom enabling active visual-based education.

In addition, the ergonomic electronic pen enables smooth and simple mouse-like operations and allows users to create brilliantly colored drawings and illustrations that make lessons and presentations come alive. The pen doubles as an eraser too, thus offering a 2-in-1 functionality. Furthermore, a keyboard can also be displayed on the Elite Panaboard screen performing operations as that of a PC keyboard such that one can easily add or change information on education materials produced while teaching.

Sean Morita is the Assistant Manager at Panasonic Communications Company (Document Solutions Company). Morita said, “Usually the classroom style learning sessions tend to be dry and lack visual stimulation. For educators and trainers it is a challenge to create interactive content that has colourful visual elements to captivate and engage the audience. They find it is either too time-consuming or very expensive. Our latest innovation, the elite Panaboard is an advanced educational tool developed and tested with Australian teachers. It can help the presenter (teachers or trainers) and their audience (students or trainees) integrate images, video and the internet into everyday lessons for an enhanced and engaging learning experience.”

Ajay Madan, Business Head (Digital Imaging Systems), Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. (India Office), stated, “It is quite a challenge in itself for any presenter to engage an audience. Elite Panaboard offers a helping hand to such users and provide them with a solution to enhance their presentations so as to make them more effective and engaging. Panasonic’s dedication to quality and service is unparalleled and its long-standing experience in manufacturing projectors and interactive whiteboards makes the buying decision easier for our customers.”

An Elite Panaboard book application that is packed in along with the whiteboard, allows smooth and easy lesson preparation, and includes Panasonic tools for creating and editing teaching materials. Several tools such as Marker, Line, Highlighter, Shapes and Text are bundled with the Elite Panaboard. The exciting Shade tool enables hiding parts of text, illustrations or figures until the presenter wishes to reveal them thereby allowing preparation of simple quizzes with hidden answers.

Illustrations that encompass a number of fields and topics are present in the Gallery, allowing users to create teaching material and include animal photos, maps and other images that can be archived in the Elite Panaboard’s gallery for quick, easy retrieval. The Magnifier helps zooming into part of the images displayed, such as maps, small characters etc.

With the Elite Panaboard’s Attachment function users can organize materials created using the elite Panaboard book, files to be used in the classroom, shortcut icons and website addresses such that the material ready may be kept ready and is easily accessible frequently.

The Elite Panaboard display can be adjusted as per the user’s height. Furtheron, one can also attach hard copy material to the board using magnets. The main board has no electronic components and thus slight scratches do not affect the working.

The Panasonic Elite Panaboard (Model No: UB-T780) is available in the Indian market for Rs.1,35,000 (excl. plus applicable taxes) via all authorized Panasonic channel partners in the country.