Panasonic 2008 Viera Range of Plasma and LCD Televisions launched in India

Panasonic 2008 Viera TV

Panasonic has released the new 2008 Viera range of plasma and LCD televisions in India. The new series includes TVs ranging from 42-inch to 103-inch.

For this year, company has launched 3 new plasma variants, namely, TH-50PV80 (50 inch HD ready), TH-42PV80 (42 inch HD ready), TH-42PV8 (42 inch HD ready). Besides, 2 full high definition models, namely, TH-50PY850 (50 inches) and TH-65PY850 [65 inches] are expected to be introduced soon.

All the Panasonic television models from the 2008 Viera feature UF (Tough Under Force) glass panel that covers the front glass of the plasma TV screen providing protection against impacts (upto 4 joules). Moreover they sport feature over 900 moving line picture resolution, dynamic contrast of 1,000,000:1; and an extended panel life of up to 100,000 hours.

The latest Viera TV range sports four key features including outstanding picture quality, exceptional ease of operation, enhanced sound effects and environment friendly plasma display panels with an improved panel life of up to 100,000-hours, claims Panasonic.

The LCD TV range contains models including TX-32LX800 (800 series, 32 inch), TX-37LX80 (80 series, 37 inch), TX-32LX80 (80 series, 32 inch); and TX-32LE8 (8 series, 32 inch). They incorporate IPS Alpha technology with 178ยบ wide viewing angle, contrast ratio of 10,000:1, energy-saving backlight and Viera link for simple networking.

Even a monster-sized plasma of 103-inch was launched by Panasonic in India.

Panasonic Plasma TH-42PV80 (42 inch HD ready) and TH-42PV8 (42 inch HD ready) are available at MRP Rs.74,990 and Rs.69,990. While the Panasonic Viera LCD TX-32LX800 (800 series, 32 inch), TX-37LX80 (80 series, 37 inch), TX-32LX80 (80 series, 32 inch) and TX-32LE8 (8 series, 32 inch) are available at MRP Rs.54,900, Rs.59,900, Rs.46,900 and Rs.44,900.