Panasonic 1MOS full HD camcorders announced

Panasonic HC-V700M

The Panasonic 1MOS full HD camcorders namely, the HC-V700, HC-V700M, HC-V500, HC-V500M, HC-V100 and HC-V100M were recently announced by the company. Adding to the company’s upcoming 2012 lineup, each gadget is complete with a wide-angle lens and ultra-telephoto zoom as well as optical image stabilization to help capture images sans the blur.

With the presence of 1MOS sensors and proffering resolutions of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the HC-V700 and HC-V700M devices are integrated with 28mm wide-angle lenses. Both the camcorders are individually capable of achieving ultra-telephoto 46x shooting beyond their 21x optical zoom range. Furthermore, the final results can be enhanced with the 2D to 3D conversion feature embedded into the camcorders. Alternately, a 3D conversion lens can also be mounted to directly capture three dimensional moments while on the move.

Panasonic HC-V500M

“Panasonic’s 2012 camcorders are conveniently sized and extremely versatile for a wide variety of shooting situations,” shares Chris Rice, Senior Product Manager, Imaging, Panasonic Consumer Marketing Company of North America. “From the light weight and extended recording capability of the HC-V100 and HC-V100M, to the 2D to 3D conversion capability and special effect modes of the HC-V500 and HC-V500M, to the 3D recording capability and High Sensitivity Sensor of the HC-V700 and HC-V700M, there is a Panasonic camcorder model to match virtually any consumer ready to record.”

Each of the HC-V500 and HC-V500M models possesses a 32.4mm wide-angle lens and can achieve up to 50x zoom, furthering the gadget’s 38x optical zoom range. Just like the aforementioned HC-V700 and HC-V700M, these devices come integrated with wide 3-inch LCD touchscreens and incorporate 2D to 3D conversion attributes. Panasonic also integrates Advanced Highlight Playback into the HC-V500 and HC-V500M units.

Panasonic HC-V100

Next up in the Panasonic 1MOS full HD camcorders portfolio are the HC-V100 and HC-V100M models which boast of incorporating portable 2.028- x 2.343- x 4.429-inch chassis. Each device is complete with a 32.5mm wide-angle lens, delivering 34x optical zoom range up to 42x zoom. Additionally, users can enjoy 155 minutes of video recording on a single charge. And as far as storage is concerned, the HC-V700, HC-V500 and HC-V100 come with SD card slot support, while the HC-V700M, HC-V500M and HC-V100M boast of 16GB onboard memory as well as an SD card slot.

The Panasonic 1MOS full HD camcorders release date and price specifications have been kept under wraps for now. The company will be announcing the same about 30 days prior to when the HC-V700, HC-V700M, HC-V500, HC-V500M, HC-V100 and HC-V100M models begin shipping.