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P’9521 Porsche Mobile Phone unveiled in India

P’9521 Porsche Phone

Pratham Telecom has launched the P’9521 Porsche phone in India. The new phone features a sophisticated design and is developed with high-quality natural materials such as aluminum. The outer surface of the phone is made of a solid aluminum block.

The salient feature of the P’9521 phone would be its double hinge made from aluminum, which enables the screen to be rotated through 180°. Hence users can use the camera as a digital camera also.

Moreover the phone incorporates a fingerprint reader ensuring secure access to personal data of users. Making operation easier, individual fingerprints can be assigned to particular numbers or phone functions. Even the standard PIN code can be replaced by a fingerprint.

A 3.2-megapixel resolution camera with autofocus and integrated flash and digital zoom are the other key features of the mobile phone. Its AM-OLED technology ensures high quality colors, exceptional brilliance and a perfect view. Furthermore the P’952 incorporates MP3 player, three speakers for ringtones and voice playback in stereo quality sound and EDGE technology for internet connection.

The P’9521 Porsche phone is expected to be available in the Indian market at the price of Rs 76,999.