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Orange behind the sluggish 3G iPhone network in France

After reading what we are going to report, the 3G iPhone users in France will be definitely going orange err red with anger. Apparently, the slow pace of the high-speed 3G network of the iPhone was all thanks to Orange.

Orange LogoThe dawdling speed of the phone was not because of any flaw in the hardware or the software of Apple’s second generation phone. On the contrary, the carrier had artificially limited the data speeds while users were paying for the speedier 3G connectivity. FranceInfo, confirmed from an Orange representative that that the carrier has been deliberately limiting speeds for iPhones.

The whole of the iPhone users’ world was abuzz with complaints of the sluggish network, recently. The complaints also lead to a survey by Wired blogsite. The Orange iPhone users reported of download speed as low as 350 to 450 Kbps whereas the users in other countries like Germany got to enjoy 1.8 Mbps of speed after complaints.

It is expected that Orange will allow the download speed to 1Mbps in September since many French websites reported about the angry iPhone user’s fury. So now the users can finally expect to get what they wanted.