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Optrix Wide-Angle case turns iPhone into rugged sports camera

Optrix iPhone Case

After slinking into the sports camera territory with the Optrix HD, the development team has pitched the Optrix Wide-Angle iPhone 4/4S case on Kickstarter. Apparently, the new device arrives following customer requests for a wide-angle lens option.

Also offering compatibility with the iPod touch, the peripheral keeps the enveloped gadget protected while allowing users to shoot 1080p, 175-degree wide-angle videos through the accompanying lens. It looks ready to withstand bumps, dust, splashes and a bit of regular roughhousing. The case is claimed to have survived being ‘run over by a 3 ton diesel truck.’

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“The Wide-Angle case is the second version of our popular HD Sport, allowing extreme sport enthusiasts to capture wider pictures and videos without worrying about the safety of their device,” averred John Willenborg, founder of Optrix. “We are reaching out to the Kickstarter community by giving them the opportunity to experience the Optrix Wide-Angle before it is available anywhere else.”

The Optrix lets users add information straight onto the concerned recordings courtesy of the VideoPro and VideoSport applications that are available through the iTunes Store. Each kit will be delivered bundled along with an enclosure, soft-touch iPhone case, machined quick-release lever, leash, lens cap and 2 base mounts with 3M adhesive. Apart from the helmet mount, a chest mount, handlebar mount and more are also set to be made available to potential buyers.

Optrix Wide-Angle iPhone Case

The Optrix Wide-Angle iPod touch and iPhone 4/4S case will go into production only if it finds $1,25,000 in funds through Kickstarter. The price starts from $49 onwards and the accessory will be up for pre-order until June 15.