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Oppo debuts its 5x dual camera zoom technology

Oppo 5x Dual Camera Zoom

Oppo has officially announced its 5x dual camera zoom technology which will be making an appearance in its phones over the course of the year. The brand hasn’t debuted any smartphones at the MWC 2017, choosing to show off its latest photography innovation instead.

The main highlight of Oppo’s periscope-style dual camera is that it can apparently take lossless photos even at 5x zoom. The structure diverts light through a prism into a telephoto lens set at a 90-degree angle to the wide-angle lens.

The entire system is made up of 50 parts measuring just 5.7mm in terms of thickness. This narrowness makes it possible to produce slim devices with high magnification zoom lens, a pipe dream for most handsets since extended magnification usually results in bulky phones.

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Another problem with zooming is that it generally gives way to grainy and blurry shots. Oppo claims to have solved this problem by coming up with an all-new type of optical image stabilization. The tech apparently allows people to capture clear photos even when a person is in motion.

As Oppo points out, even slight vibrations when increasing the zoom factor can create dramatic effects in an image. The firm’s periscope camera module is supposed to automatically sense these vibrations and make corresponding compensations in real time.

Oppo says its OIS solution improves upon the performance of previous generations by 40%. Moreover, the prism component can dynamically adjusts its angle in precise increments of 0.0025 degrees so that photos come out clear and stable even at 5x zoom.