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Opera’s experimental Neon browser wants to drag you to the future

opera neon

Opera’s come out with a brand new concept browser dubbed Neon for those bored of the current crop of options to choose from. The company hopes the experimental platform acts as a glimpse into the future of browsers.

Opera Neon basically brings together essential browser features and remixes them into a trippy new format with smooth animations and cool effects. It also adds a couple of unique innovations of its own such as a start page that sports the same wallpaper as a user’s desktop and split screen mode to multitask between two pages.

Opera claims the new bubble tabs imitate real-world objects by bearing weight and moving in a natural way when dragged, pushed, or popped. They’re located in a new vertical tab bar that sits on the right instead of at the top. The visual aspect of these tabs has been designed to make it easier for people to distinguish between them more easily.

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Neon’s gravity system lets an individual’s most frequently used tabs float to the top and less accessed ones sink to the bottom. There’s also a new sidebar on the left dedicated to housing a video player panel, image gallery, and download manager. The first houses all active media-playing windows together in one convenient location.

Videos can also be popped out, allowing people to watch something while hopping between different sites. The second allows users to crop, snap, and save images of things like a meme or shopping item. Each photo will be labeled with the web address it was taken from so consumers can easily go back to the source page without any hassle.

Opera cautions that Neon is very much a concept and is not meant to replace the present Opera browser since the former can’t support tools like extensions or VPN. However, it does plan to incorporate some of the concept browser’s top features into the latter by spring 2017.

You can download Opera Neon for Mac and Windows here.