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Opera Software releases latest Opera 9.5 for desktops

Opera 9.5 Screenshot The new-improved Opera 9.5 is finally here. Opera Software has released the latest public release version of the desktop browser that can run on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms in 30 different languages.

The highlights of the browser are its all new and improved features like Quick Find and Opera link. Quick Find helps users to search for pages in their web history which can be done simply by typing a key word in their address bars.

On the other hand, Opera Link enables synchronizing and viewing bookmarks, speed dials and notes between the Opera 9.5 on your desktop and the Opera in your mobile phones and other computers as well.

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Well, Opera has other added features to boast of as well. The latest version of the browser comes with new, neat, clean and sharp looks and new security tools to keep your PC protected. ‘Fraud Protection’, the security tool claims to keep the malicious softwares, phishing and anti-malware injection from some fishy sites at bay. Opera has collaborated with Haute Secure, Netcraft, and PhishTank to protect the PC from corrupting. Well, there is a feature, the very basic and essential feature a web-user looks for – speed; and yes the Opera team has taken care of it as the Opera 9.5 is speedier than ever before.

Ofcourse there are the good old features like Speed Dial and option to save and restore the browsing sessions after the browsing business is completed. There is also the trash can to restore the web-pages, e-mails, tabs and windows both, that you closed down and on second-thoughts found them useful!

With so many features, the Opera 9.5 does seem worth testing. So go ahead and download it now.

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