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Opera Mini’s Video Boost feature finally hits Android

Opera Mini

Android users of Opera Mini will finally get a taste of the app’s video compression feature more than a year after the tool was available to iOS patrons. The updated version of the application has begun rolling out now.

Opera Mini has always placed a heavy emphasis on data saving in order to set itself apart from other browsers. Compressing videos could help it find new fans given the growing rate of people who watch videos on their smartphones. In a blog post, it even cited data from an Ericsson Mobility Report which claims that 55% of mobile data traffic will originate from videos by 2020.

Opera is wasting no time in trying to appeal to this growing segment of consumers. Its Video Boost feature promises to diminish the size of videos so they can stream faster and even keeps track of how many videos it’s managed to optimize. To activate it, all a user has to do is tap on the O symbol in the main menu and tick Video Boost.

Keep in mind that with great compression comes reduced video quality. This of course wouldn’t matter much if the user is on-the-go or stuck on a slow connection and doesn’t require flawless-looking video. Opera Mini has further added the option to ‘Save to SD card,’ in addition to letting users access SD card files while uploading.

Speaking of, Opera Mini now offers the choice of shrinking photos to 3 different sizes before uploading. The tool has gone ahead and improved its fast scrolling as well, providing consumers with a handle which can be dragged. Finally, high data-savings mode has the ability to conserve data on Wi-Fi instead of just mobile data.

You can download Opera Mini for Android via the Google Play Store.