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Opera Mini 8 brings new features and UI to BlackBerry and Java-based feature phones

The Opera Mini browser for blackberry as well as for the Java-based feature phones has been updated and the new iteration of the application brings some advanced features and a revamped user interface to these gadgets. The attributes include a fresh Speed Dial page as well as private and night modes amongst others things.

Opera Mini 8 claims to have a minimalistic design and its Speed Dial page has been blessed with a new look featuring redesigned tiles. As you may already know, this page of the browser offers instant access to websites you visit frequently. Some more attributes which bring smartphone-like functionality to basic devices have also been tossed in the package.

Opera Mini 8 Screenshot

Here are some of the new features of the Opera Mini 8 mobile web browser.

Private Mode:

The updated utility supports private browsing which wipes out all the information regarding the website you visited as soon as you close the tab. This can come in handy for opening second Facebook, Gmail or other such accounts when you are logged in on the main window from an another profile.

Night mode:

As the name clearly indicates, this feature facilitates browsing at night by dimming the effects and using darker shades to make for a comfortable viewing. It can be enabled via the Settings menu.

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Improved Savings reports:

This attribute has been provided to help you keep tabs on your data usage. A data-savings page has been added to the browser so you can control the settings such as quality of images to ensure low consumption. It claims to cut the surfing down to 10 percent of the original size.

The Opera Mini 8 is now available for all internet-enabled Java feature phones as well as BlackBerry devices via the official site.