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Opera delivers the final version of 10.60 browser

Opera 10.60 browser

Web browsing has already been enabled by various browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and many more. To offer enhanced browsing experience, Opera Software now brings in the final version of the 10.60 browser for PC and Mac with several new features, increased user security and augmented stability.

Opera 10.60 offers users augmented features and includes the upcoming technologies to form the future of Web. Geolocation now places users on the map by determining their position and provides users with the full control over its usage. The company has included interesting features like mouse gestures which enable users to cut down the time spent on navigating between different web pages. With this new release, users can easily enjoy a faster browsing experience along with the access to modern JavaScript-heavy sites such as Gmail and Facebook. The 10.60 is coupled with an exclusive Opera Turbo functionality which compresses the data going over users’ connection to avoid congested connections at public places.

Boasting of an enhanced design, the browser features improved Menu button and icon tabs for easy usage. Its Speed Dial enables users to access their favorite websites with just a single click of the mouse. Besides, in-browser applications can also be used with an Internet connection.

Users’ security is well taken care of with AVG-supported anti-fraud systems and phishing protection packed in the Opera 10.60. Live feeds are included to supply up-to-date information on the latest web threats while the Yandex supplies user malware protection in certain regions.

Apart from this, users can now carry out accurate searches with the browser’s various search engines like the Bing search engine. Moreover, while accessing websites such as Wikipedia, the browser provides instant search suggestions to improve users’ search experience.

Well, the new Opera 10.60 browser can be downloaded now from the official website of Opera.