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Opera Coast web browser for iPhone and iPad is now available at iTunes

The Opera Coast browser that claims to bring an all new mobile web experience to the iPhone and the iPad has been announced and also made available via the official app store. Needless to say, that the application has been designed keeping the concerned OS in mind and you can expect it to have some fresh search features, synchronization options and much more.

The made-for-touch mobile browser, Opera Coast claims to bring a set of the essential features and developers say that they have taken extra care to place elements in such a way that they make sense for the iPhone. Everything is easy to access and the application seems apt for one-handed use as it features two conveniently-placed buttons and gesture recognition.

Opera Coast

In addition to making the application easy-to-use, the developers have also altered the way it carries out search. While typing in your query, you get suggestions for related search words as well as quality websites. Also, when entering a web address in the bar, the browser suggests similar portals for your convenience.

Opera Coast

Opera Coast even has features to help you stay entertained and kill some time when needed. There’s a site tile grid for instant access to popular websites and the company has added ‘stuff we like’ to it to help you discover more such content. As this web browser works with both the iPhone and the iPad, it is possible to synchronize the websites and access your favorite ones on both the gadgets, thanks to iCloud sync of site tiles.

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The Opera Coast web browser for iPhone, iPad and iPod is now up for download via iTunes for free. It is compatible with gadgets based on iOS 6.0 or later versions.