Open Identity Management on the Web is now promoted by Technology Giants

OpenID Logo OpenID Foundation today announced that internet and software giants such as Google IBM, Microsoft, VeriSign and Yahoo have joined the OpenID Foundation Board in order to support the service.

“With this support from the new company board members, the OpenID Foundation will be able to continue to promote and protect the technology and its community moving forward,” said Bill Washburn, Executive Director, OpenID Foundation. “The community has clearly expanded since the inception of the Foundation and these companies will help bring OpenID into the mainstream markets.”

OpenID Foundation was formed to promote the OpenID community, which eliminates the need of multiple user names across websites. Hence users will have to remember just one user-id and password instead of different ones for every site.

OpenID was originally developed by Brad Fitzpatrick in 2005, who is now an engineer at Google. In just two years, more than even 10,000 web sites support OpenID log-ins.