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Online Rail Bookings against Cash available at your Nearest Sify iWay

Bombay Train with Sify Logo Sify Limited and the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) have just announced a tie-up to make online railway ticketing services available at more than 3,400 Sify iWay cybercafes across 154 cities in the country with cash payments. This means that train commuters in India will no longer require credit/debit cards to buy their tickets online.

A pilot project at 10 iWays in Delhi has already begun and is expected to revolutionize the way railway ticketing is conducted. P.K. Goel, managing director, IRCTC said, “This path-breaking initiative is aimed at making railway e-ticketing easier and convenient for our customers across the country. For they no longer have to worry about using credit cards or having a net banking facility, which is restricted to those with access to computers at home or in the office. Instead, they can simply make the online bookings and make convenient cash payment at Sify’s iWays. We are very pleased to be able to make this very successful facility available to all our customers with the help of Sify iWays. The reach and network of Sify’s iWays is sure to make a difference by enabling access to this online service to the masses.”

Instead of standing in winding queues at railway booking counters, they can just visit their nearest Sify iWay, where the café administrator will help them book their railway tickets online. Customers can finalize their itineraries in the comfort of the cool Sify iWays. After paying cash against the ticket, they can proceed to collect the ticket print-out.

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In case of ticket cancellations, customers can follow standard cancellation procedures as per IRCTC guidelines, after which they are entitled to get their cash back.

Raju Vegesna, managing director and chief executive officer, Sify Limited, said, “This is a tie-up will make the online rail ticketing facility of the IRCTC accessible and available to the common man through our wide reach of over 3400 iWays cyber cafes across 154 cities. I believe that this will become a landmark event in the growth of online ticketing in the country, by not only making it widely available to everyone, but by overcoming the barrier of online payment with convenient cash payments.”

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