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Online purchase delayed? Have Google Wallet track your order now

Google Wallet is a cool service which manages your commerce in a pretty efficient way, but the downside is that it’s active fully only in the US. Rubbing salt on the wound, a new update to the app looks to make it all the more desirable for people who don’t have access to it.

Both the Android and iOS versions of the new Google Wallet update are meant to address the issue of keeping track of your online purchases. This app is now capable of automatically tracking your orders, and notifying about with their progress when necessary.

Google Wallet Orders

So as to get it going, you’ll need to activate the Orders option from Google Wallet settings, and it will then pull out the receipts you have in your Gmail accounts. Google has also said that it has worked with primary package carriers from the US to integrate order status updates into the app. This way, you can even get notified when the product is shipped, delivered or delayed.

Furthermore, Google Wallet enables you to easily take a peek at your order history and other details, while it also provides contact information regarding the merchants so that you can call or email them in one click. For those unaware, this mobile application from Google even lets you access your loyalty programs and offers and more importantly, send money to friends and family via NFC.

Google Wallet Balance

The updated Google Wallet app can be downloaded through the Google Play store and the Apple App Store now.


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