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Online Poker Room Solutions – Everything You Need to Know

poker Poker has an army of fans from all over the world. It is not considered gambling anymore but rather a kind of sports with regular tournaments and championships. It is no surprise that many people look for an opportunity to play their favorite game online and sharpen their skills. At the same time, there are a lot of those who want to open their online poker club, but they cannot even imagine how to do it in a smart way. That’s why we have prepared some instructions for you to ease the process.

What to Start with?

Opening an online poker club is going to be an extremely difficult mission if you do not have a clear plan to follow. Of course, you can order a professional help from http://evenbetgaming.com/solutions-for-small-poker-communities-and-private-clubs/, but you should still understand the process. Here’s where we can help you.

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Choosing an Online Provider

Before you do anything, you are to know what kind of software you need. The program will manage everything in your poker club. It will become its backbone, helping you fully handle the work of the entire website. You have two options here: to choose a provider that takes a monthly charge or to buy the source code immediately. In the second case, you will get full access to your gaming portal and assure complete security of information. Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt are among quality products on the market that are considered the best of their kind. Of course, you can select any of them, but be ready that they require a minimum of 12,000 euros a month. On a top of that, you will have to pay at least 12% of the proceeds as a royalty payment.

Getting a License

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It is impossible to operate in this business legally without a license. Of course, you can open a Bitcoin poker club; however, it sometimes cannot be a smart solution. Before obtaining a license, decide on the regulatory country. In some nations, such as Cyprus, this document can be very cheap (about 20,000 euros per year), while in others, such as the UK, a license can cost ten times more. If you get a license in Cyprus, you will be able to host players from around the world in your virtual poker club.

Selecting Payment Methods

After obtaining a license, you must connect your portal to different payment systems so that you can get deposits from players, pay winnings, and take money back to your pocket. Credit cards are a favorite payment method on the Internet. Thus, by accepting credit cards in your poker club, you automatically increase the chances of attracting customers. You will need a service that processes credit card to make sure that the player has the money in the account and can transfer it to the system. We also strongly advise you to check all the popular online payment pockets and systems and integrate your portal with some of them.

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Although opening an online poker club can be quite a challenging task, you can ease the process if you follow our instructions.