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Why your Online Business Needs a Blog


Starting an online business is one thing, making it big enough to turn profitable is a completely different ball game. Among all the tools you can use for achieving this goal, one of the most important is starting and maintaining a blog to cater to the audience you wish to attract.

Sure, SEO is yet another wide area which you can tread if not for a blog. But it’s something that can eat up your budget very quickly. As opposed to this, blogging is a much more cost-friendly proposition. It gives you a huge opportunity for growth via channels like brand awareness, search visibility and more.

It has become pretty easy to create a blog of your own moreover. There are lots of portals out there which are looking to attract the attention of consumers by offering unique layouts. Take Wix for example. It is by large a full-fledged portal builder that even lets you create an ecommerce website, while allowing you the basic option to start a blog which would be pretty easy to handle.


One thing that makes it easy for people to get an attractive blog up and running is templates, and Wix has plenty of them on offer. Plus they are meant for a whole range of different categories like photography, food, travel, beauty and more, so that you need not waste much time in crafting layouts on your own.

More than a million blogs have already been created using the drag-and-drop Wix Blog editor. And it’s being enriched with new features all the time. Take for instance the recent addition of the ability to search and embed videos from the web as well as inserting GIF’s to a post, straight from the blog editor.

A blog can be successful only if you use the platform intelligently though, and inappropriate use of the platform could damage your reputation in the long term. We’re about to tell you in brief why your online business needs a blog to grow, and how it can be used in order to accomplish this objective.

It can enhance your social media existence –

An online business is nothing without social media, and it’s customary for every single one out there to have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the likes. Although these vehicles themselves can be used to drive more traffic to your website, blogging is something which can combine with them to offer a boost in your social media followers.

It’s all about going viral, isn’t it? And a well written blog article can perform this trick instantly if you’re lucky. Your blog posts need not always be about your own business. They can be pertaining to current events which can smartly be linked to whatever you’re trying to sell.

Social Media

This sort of works the same way as advertising, only with little to no expenditure over ad space. Once a good blog post makes an impression on a sizable number of people, not only does you brand awareness go up, but even your fan following increases. It’s hence extremely important to have social media buttons properly placed in your blog posts so that people can subscribe for further updates.

It can get more visitors to your website –

Let’s say you have started a fresh online business which refuses to take off due to the small number of visitors you are getting on a daily basis. In such a situation, a healthy frequency of blog posts linking to relevant pages on your website can become a great advantage.

These posts can be targeted towards specific audiences and linked to those pages that might appeal to them. Each visit increases the chances of an interested reader sharing the link with others and further boosting the visits. If you notice a particular audience’s interest towards your business dwindling, you should think of creating posts that could urge them to come back.

It can provide you with networking opportunities –

It has been established till now that blogging can do wonders for your brand’s presence in the market; a market that’s filled with as many potential partners as competitors. What if a blog post comes under the radar of someone who is looking to invest in a business just like yours?

Your website may be popular by now, but such a potential partner will be able to take a more in-depth look into your approach and perhaps even your future by glancing through your blog posts. Half your work during your first meeting will likely be done by this method, as explaining your business thoroughly won’t be required thanks to their previous study.

It will help you build a mailing list –

When you blog triggers the interest of audiences, it is enough to convince them to sign up for your mailing lists as well. With this, you can not only keep them informed about your company updates, but also get more visitors by means of sending promotional newsletters every now and then.


It is a fact that people hate such newsletters spamming their inboxes, and hence it’s very necessary to keep them interesting and less frequent. It’d be good if you could give your readers the option to receive updates monthly, weekly, every other day and so on. With a robust email list acquired through your blog posts, it becomes incredibly easy to increase traffic to your website in less time than you previously imagined.\

Speaking about email lists, the above mentioned Wix has a spectacular email marketing tool called ShoutOut available for bloggers to take advantage of. You can easily craft beautiful newsletters complete with colorful pictures and more. The best part is that this can also be done via Wix’s Android and iOS apps.


We hope to have given you enough evidence of the importance blogging holds in the online business field. You can look at several examples of successful businesses that have flourished via this method. So if you have founded a brand new company or simply want to increase your current visibility, you can very well start thinking about a blog for the same.