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First teaser for OnePlus Two smartphone revealed

The OnePlus One smartphone has been quite successful and the company has already revealed that they’re working on a successor which will most likely be called the OnePlus Two. And it looks like the first teaser for the upcoming flagship has been published online.

The teaser image was posted on the company’s official Weibo account which is China’s equivalent of Twitter and Facebook. As you’d expect, everything is written in Chinese of course. GSMArena has managed to translate the text which reads ‘The theory of evolution applies to all things in the world, including technological devices, so stayed tuned!’

OnePlus One

This pretty much looks like the company is teasing new hardware and so far, we only know that there might be a successor to the OnePlus One in the works. But maybe like Jolla and Nokia, the company could just surprise us with an Android tablet. Carl Pei, who handles international relations at the OEM, disclosed that the StyleSwap covers which were discontinued for the current model will be present on the next release.

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There’s nothing concrete on the hardware front for now and all we can do is speculate. And what we’ve learned from rumors is that the phone will come with better specs and the company’s own OnePlus launcher, all for an attractive price that will be cheaper compared to other flagship phones on the market. The brand will probably move to a 2K display and throw in one of the latest 64-bit Qualcomm processors like the octa core Snapdragon 810.

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We may see the OnePlus Two making its appearance at the upcoming CES or MWC expos where other OEMs will be showcasing their new flagship smartphones.


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