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OnePlus Two smartphone benchmark reveals Snapdragon 810 chip

It’s been over a year since the OnePlus One was announced and we’re patiently awaiting the second installment in the series. Well, it looks like the phone could be close to going official as a new device from the Chinese OEM recently popped up online through a benchmark website.

We all know that the next flagship killer handset will be called the OnePlus Two, but the listing says that the phone which got benchmarked has the OnePlus One branding. So how do we know that this phone is the upcoming release? Well firstly, the model number A2001 is also mentioned and the current device goes by A0001.

Also, the Geekbench listing clearly shows that the device has an octa core Snapdragon 810 processor, while the first OnePlus phone sports a quad core Snapdragon 801. Apart from these details, the website revealed that there will be 3GB of RAM.

OnePlus One

And that’s about all the information there is on the smartphone. Peter Laus, founder and CEO of OnePlus already revealed that the phone would have a Snapdragon 810 SOC and this adds some credence to the new details. The RAM is certainly disappointing seeing as it will be the same as what the current smartphone features and new devices are already making the move to 4GB.

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What you can be certain about is that the OnePlus Two will run Lollipop based on the Oxygen OS and have StyleSwap premium covers since these features have already been confirmed. The phone is expected to go official sometime during Q3 of this year. Also, it will be sold through the same invite system which was used for the first handset.