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OnePlus One’s Bamboo StyleSwap cases now available in India for Rs 1499

OnePlus One customers in India can now give their flagship killer smartphone a more premium look and feel through the newly introduced Bamboo StyleSwap case. The accessory has been officially launched in the country and it doesn’t come cheap as the price tag is listed as Rs 1499.

The company previously pulled the plug on the OnePlus One StyleSwap case owing to manufacturing issues. It for some reason, couldn’t manage to achieve the desired quality and the covers didn’t offer a secure fit where the battery was left open to damage.

Nevertheless, OnePlus did make a limited quantity of the Bamboo version and it still looks to be manufacturing more units. For India, the company will probably bring in a small stock only and there’s no word about the exact inventory.

Bamboo StyleSwap Cover

The Bamboo StyleSwap cover is said to be one of a kind as it comes with a unique set of fibers, nodes and colors. None of these cases will look the same as another which is what makes them a great pick. Also, the material used is naturally sourced and offers a comfortable grip.

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What you should know, however, is that the phone’s width does get increased by a bit with the cover on and some of the accessories like protective cases might not fit anymore. These covers will have to be manually installed and this involves ripping open the phone’s back panel which can be a risky job for some. Well, there are plenty of videos available to help you get this done – So it isn’t going to be a huge issue.

YouTube video

The OnePlus One Bamboo StyleSwap case will be made available through Amazon India. And if you’re yet to buy the handset, you could get the cover for free as the ecommerce giant is offering a Rs 2000 gift card with every purchase of the flagship killer.