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OnePlus accused of eliminating negative reviews from store

OnePlus 6T

OnePlus is being accused of removing negative reviews from its US website. The smartphone maker has a review section for each of its products, but a Reddit user claims they’re not an honest reflection of user opinion.

That’s because he posted a review of the OnePlus 6T 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector on December 4, only to find that it had disappeared from the site a few days later. His take, along with a couple of other negative reviews, were no longer visible, leaving only a bunch of 5-star positive reviews around.

OnePlus Negative Review
Image Credit: ftblwolf/Reddit

He uploaded a screenshot of his review as proof, as well as a follow-up screenshot to prove that it had disappeared. He doesn’t know why OnePlus would remove the post. Reading it, there doesn’t seem to be any reason why it shouldn’t appear on the site.

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In his Reddit post, the user thinks OnePlus is purposely eliminating these negative reviews to make its products appear better than they actually are. Android Headlines noted that several other goods also had a suspiciously high number of 5-star reviews and little-to-no 1-star or 2-star reviews, including the OnePlus 6T.

OnePlus Responds

OnePlus hasn’t officially responded to these allegations, but there does appear to be a big change on its website. A quick trip to the OnePlus 6T 3D Tempered Glass Screen Protector review section now reveals a number of 1-star reviews. Even the OnePlus 6T has a couple of negative takes mixed in with the positive ones.

Notably, the Redditor’s single-star review is still nowhere to be found. It’s possible that OnePlus saw the swell of angry reviewers and decided to change its removal policy to deflect criticism. We may never know the truth, but at least people will get an informed idea of what to expect from the product they’re buying.