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OnePlus CEO confirms June launch for OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 Concept
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OnePlus is still churning out new variants of the OnePlus 5T for people to buy, but that hasn’t stopped it from talking about the phone’s sequel. Turns out, the so-called OnePlus 6 will be coming out sometime in June.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau revealed this timeline to CNET, stating that the sequel will be launched late in the second quarter which ends on June 30. This is around the same time the OnePlus 5 got unveiled last year. Interestingly, a list of devices set to carry the Snapdragon 845 processor was leaked last month, with the same June date listed against the OnePlus 6’s name.

To no one’s surprise, Lau’s confirming the Snapdragon 845 SoC for the OnePlus 6 as well, stating that there was no other choice. He was a bit less forthcoming when it comes to whether there would be a OnePlus 6T in late 2018. He’s not 100% sure at the moment, but the fact that it’s done so for the past 2 years suggests it’s not in a hurry to break a winning formula.

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OnePlus has a relatively small presence in the US, something which it’s trying to break out of this year. Step one is to explore partnerships with carriers. Lau claims if the right opportunity and timing came along, it would be happy to experiment.

This is going to be tricky for OnePlus to pull off. Huawei made headlines at CES 2018 when a deal with AT&T fell apart for its flagship Mate 10 Pro, leaving it no choice but to sell the device independently through its own channels and online sites like Amazon.

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Analysts project that about 85% to 95% of people in the US buy their smartphones through their carrier. A tie-up is therefore essential to gain a higher profile and some legitimacy.