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OnePlus CEO confirms 5G-ready OnePlus 7, US carrier partnership

OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 6 has come and gone, but talk about the OnePlus 7 is just getting started. The first bit of news comes straight from the brand’s CEO Pete Lau.

Lau told PCMag that OnePlus is looking to release a 5G smartphone next year. The company typically launches only 2 handsets per year, a flagship and an upgrade of that flagship with the letter T in its name. So it stands to reason that the OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 7T will arrive with support for 5G connectivity.

OnePlus, Qualcomm and 5G

The CEO claims OnePlus’ relationship with Qualcomm is allowing it to become one of the first 5G handset makers. The unveiling is apparently going to sync up with the first year of 5G availability in the US. The network standard is the focus of most of the big-name carriers right now including AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, and Verizon.

Even major smartphone producers like Apple and Huawei are said to be working on 5G-ready devices to take advantage of the next-gen technology. Lau says that OnePlus is currently working with US carriers to get its goods on board with them.

At the moment, OnePlus sells its handsets directly to consumers without any carrier deals. Most US citizens buy phones through their carrier though, so it’ll need to shift its focus there if it wants to gain mainstream success in the country.

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Lau didn’t mention whether OnePlus was talking to a specific carrier about an exclusive contract or to multiple ones. As he points out, going with a telecom operator would allow more people to have hands-on time with the Chinese brand’s smartphones before buying them.

One thing which Lau did make clear was that OnePlus wouldn’t allow carriers to force their bloatware onto its devices. The firm’s handsets prioritize speed and lightness, so allowing unnecessary apps would go against that philosophy.