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OnePlus 6T launch moved to October 29 thanks to Apple

OnePlus 6T Midnight Black
OnePlus 6T Midnight Black. Image Credit: WinFuture

Apple stole OnePlus’ thunder yesterday by announcing an iPad event on the same day as the OnePlus 6T launch. What’s worse, both events are being held in New York City. There’s no doubt the iPhone maker’s event will command more attention than the Chinese brand’s, which is why the latter has decided to change the date.

Instead of October 30, the OnePlus 6T will go official on October 29 at 11 am EDT. This isn’t a huge gap, but it’ll at least allow the media and fans to check out the device before the Apple extravaganza begins. The India launch for the phone hasn’t changed though, so that event is still taking place in New Delhi on October 30.

OnePlus Blames Apple

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed all this in a long forum post about the thinking that went behind the decision. Surprisingly, he openly admits that Apple’s announcement threw them for a toss. Press contacts told the company that they would be overshadowed by Apple if they chose to go ahead with the October 30 date.

After processing their feedback and consulting with community members, OnePlus decided to move the event a day early. It’s apologizing to ticket holders who’ve already made arrangements and is individually contacting them to sort out this mess.

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Anyone who bought a ticket but can’t make it now can apply to get a full refund. OnePlus is promising to cover the increase in costs for anyone who’s still coming, including flight changes and hotel bookings. There’s a lot to arrange and very little time to do it since the launch is happening in less than two weeks.

The feedback to the forum post appears to be largely positive, so this doesn’t seem to have negatively impacted OnePlus’ image among its fans. It’s a common sense decision more than anything else, so it’s hard to blame the firm for changing its mind at the last minute.