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OnePlus 5 owners facing ‘jelly effect’ issue when scrolling

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Some OnePlus 5 owners are facing a rather peculiar problem which has emerged as more and more units of the handset reaches consumers. Termed as the ‘jelly scrolling effect’ by many, it seems to be affecting a small number of users as of now.

The jelly effect occurs when a person is scrolling the OnePlus 5’s screen. Some of the content like text takes a bit longer to keep pace with their fingers, resulting in a wobbly look that can be seen clearly when swiping up and down. Some have described the stuttering experience like scrolling under water. Others assumed that it was an animation, but later revised this opinion.

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OnePlus 5 users have taken to the company’s own forum, Reddit, and XDA forums to highlight the issue. Even reviewers like Damir Franc have captured the problem on camera. No one has come up with a definitive cause for the error yet, though several theories abound.

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One strong argument is that the OnePlus 5’s panel itself has been mounted upside down. That’s because the jelly effect commonly occurs when holding any smartphone the wrong side up. Another holds that the Vertical Sync (VSYNC) was repeatedly being switched on and off, messing around with the frame rate and display refresh rate.

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The third explanation is that it’s simply a software bug which can be solved via a future update. XDA Developers says that it had alerted OnePlus about the concern. The brand appears to be looking into it, but didn’t provide any possible explanations of its own.