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OnePlus 5 to feature blue light filter, refreshed OxygenOS

OnePlus 5 Themes

OnePlus is heavily promoting the OnePlus 5 in the days up to handset’s launch, rolling out a constant stream of tweets to hype up the flagship phone. We’ve already learned a great deal about the device through a flood of leaks, but very little is known about the software changes the brand might implement.

OnePlus’ latest tweet shines a light on that particular aspect, talking about how the phone will have ‘software designed with style and refinement.’ The post is accompanied by an image of a woman standing amidst what are likely different UI themes that will make their debut on the upcoming smartphone.

Intriguingly, a portion of the promo is in stark black and white. This can be taken as a hint towards there being a color + monochromatic dual rear camera setup, as has been rumored before. The combination of the two will probably result in higher-quality snaps, giving rise to the ‘Clearer Photos’ part of OnePlus’ promotional blitzkrieg.

OnePlus 5 Bokeh

Speaking of the lenses, a separate OnePlus tweet showcased a photo with the tagline ‘Totally Bokeh.’ The image’s foreground was sharp and in-focus, while the background was blurred. Another post teased the brand’s refreshed OxygenOS with a short video.

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A simple slider can be seen next to an eBook, with the temperature of the screen varying from cool to warm. Based on the tweet, there’s probably going to be some kind of blue light filter to avoid straining a user’s eyes. There are plenty of third-party apps which do so, but it’ll be nice for OnePlus 5 owners to have access to such a tool in-built.