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OnePlus 3 to get Nougat beta build this month

OnePlus 3

The OnePlus 3 is getting a taste of Android 7.0 Nougat sometime in November, a few months after the OS became official. The flagship handset came out in June this year and currently runs on Marshmallow.

To recap, a Reddit AMA from earlier this year confirmed that the OnePlus 3 was indeed getting updated to Nougat. However, there was no timeline given for this upgrade. Now the brand’s head of software Brian Yoon has told Engadget that it’ll be releasing a Nougat beta ‘community’ build for the smartphone this month.

OnePlus is then looking to iron out any kinks from the beta and beam out the final Nougat promotion by the end of 2016. Other than the OnePlus 3, it’s also planning to push out Android 7.0 to the OnePlus 2. Things are a little less certain with the latter since the company hasn’t specified when exactly it’ll get the bump up.

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As for older handsets like the OnePlus One, there’s no official confirmation regarding whether or not it’ll get updated to Nougat. Previous reports have hinted that it might, but things look very uncertain OS-wise for the brand’s first phone.

In related news, OnePlus’ next offering is on its way on November 15. Commonly referred to as the OnePlus 3T, the device is expected to run Nougat from the start, leaving out discussions about Android updates till Google decides to launch its next one. It’s also set to run on a faster Snapdragon 821 processor and feature an enhanced camera.