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7 OneNote Alternatives

OneNote Alternatives

The OneNote alternatives make jotting down things as easy as pie. We know the planner and note-taking software from the house of Microsoft does the job just fine but if you’re looking for other substitutes that harbor individual features then you’ve stumbled upon the right place. Here we’ve laid out the best options we could find out there. And much like OneNote, these gems also span across various platforms like PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS. Read on to know more about what we’re talking about.

1 – Evernote:


Remember things you like with Evernote. This neat little note-taking and archiving software doesn’t just sit pretty on your computer. It also flies onto other platforms such as smartphones and tablets, so you can save all your precious ideas while on the go. Irrespective of the gadget, you’ll still be able to perceive your files and images with just a few clicks.

Evernote can further be used to record audio bits, take snapshots and save content, all in one place. What’s more, collaborating with colleagues has never been easier. You’ll be able to share your projects with others through this handy piece of software. You can also procure Evernote from the official website, iTunes and Google Play, among other places.

2 – NeverNote:


After mentioning the various features Evernote has to offer, we now move on to an open-source clone of the same that’s dubbed NeverNote. Initially released for Linux users, this entrant in our software like OneNote roster also forays onto other platforms like Windows and Mac OS X. This nifty program allows you to save sound files, photos, and documents without breaking a sweat. Packed with a simple, user-friendly interface, it lets you alter the background color and title hue of the content. You can highlight text and effectively rotate images as well. You’ll even be able to avail of many different NeverNote databases complete with their own passwords and user ids on the same account.

3 – Tomboy:


Tomboy is looked upon as a desktop note-taking application that’s fashioned for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix. According to the developer of the software, it helps ‘make life less cluttered and run more smoothly.’ The simple interface will also aid you in better organizing your thoughts on a daily basis. Some of the features employed here include font styling and sizing, inline spell checking, auto-linking web, and email addresses, undo/redo, highlighting text and bulleted lists.

To access your content, all you have to do is simply hit the Tomboy Panel applet that’s present directly on your desktop. You can either search for older notes or refer to the Table of Contents lists which organizes your data as per ‘last modified.’ And if you wish to decorate your Tomboy with more attributes, you can always rely on special add-ins.

4 – Journler:


A daily notebook and entry-based information manager, Journler boasts of hoarding a whole set of interesting features that are bound to attract many a Mac user. So if you own the Apple computer and have ideas constantly swarming around your head, then the Journler application is just the thing for you. A few of its attributes read as iLife integration, importing/exporting capabilities, DropBox and JPanel options, filtering and searching, Smart Families feature, video recording, iPod notes, and tabbed editing. Blessed with an elegant interface, this inclusion in our programs similar to OneNote lineup aims to aid students, teachers, scientists, writers, professionals, and thinkers, as the maker reveals.

5 – CintaNotes:


Looking for a free and lightweight application? Well, how about giving CintaNotes a chance to win your heart? You can easily save and tag data bits as well as simply jot down any ideas that may pop into your head while brainstorming. Some of its essential attributes include live note synchronization with SugarSync and DropBox, a powerful tagging system and a text-clipping option.

CintaNotes is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 2008, 2007 and 2003. You can also take advantage of a personal license that’s priced at $25 for unlocking more features like export to HTML, expandable tag tree and ‘Display Related Tags Only’ mode.

6 – Growly Notes:

Growly Notes

As innovative as the name might sound, Growly Notes is in fact quite a reliable solution for taking down and storing notes. With this particular contender in our software like OneNote array stored in your computer, you’ll be able to neatly organize all your to-do lists and research projects as well as arrange your video clips, weblinks, and images. The pages you store here can comprise of almost anything such as audio clips, images, PDF files, movies, and drawings.

Add shapes and notes on top of pages or merge several pictures together into one collage. You can also put your own spin on Growly Notes by changing the whole layout. Easily alter the background color, font of text and even put in ruled lines if you wish. This application can be found roaring across Apple Mac systems.

7 – Springpad:


Springpad enables you to create complete notebooks on just about anything under the sun. What’s more, you can either keep the content you create for personal reference or share it with friends and family. Your ideas and inspiration can ‘spring up’ from anywhere.

You can also add snippets, pictures, videos, and web pages into your virtual notebook. It’s a great tool for sharing recipes, hobbies, to-do lists, and even picnic preparations. Springpad can be accessed from not only your PC but also your iOS and Android-based devices.


So whether you want to scribble down words while you’re working on your Apple computer or share some documents via the Linux OS, you’ll be able to do all that and more with these gems. Simply pick out any of the aforesaid OneNote alternatives that match your criteria and you’ll be good to go. You can give them a try and come back with your feedback and comments on the ones you preferred and those that maybe didn’t quite meet all your expectations to the tee.

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