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One of a kind wedding ring with custom mini-projector

Portrait Projecting Ring

Think of an elaborate wedding and a picture of a bride in an elegant gown, a dapper-suited groom followed by a party in a well-decked location is what first comes to mind. Luke Jerram contemplated something way ahead of the conventional gift ideas for his special day. In collaboration with a local jeweler Tamrakar, he designed a portrait projecting ring to gift his wife Shelina Nanji on their wedding day.

The Luke Jerram product page reveals that when a light from a candle or LED passes through the ring in a dark room, it projects a series of portraits. Interestingly for projection, he picked a few selected miniature slides including different family portraits. These were then integrated into the edge of the ring to enable projection. The distinct design of the ring will allow Jerram to add pictures of his kids as his family grows.

Taking inspiration from the 19th Century Standhopes, the ring is said to be the premier prototype. It was created by ripping open disposal cameras in search of the appropriate lens. What’s even more intriguing is the fact that this isn’t the first innovative ring from Luke. For his engagement, he had gifted his wife a ‘Talking Ring’ that featured his proposal engraved on it. A miniature record player made by him plays it back.

For those, who wish Luke makes one such ring for them, sadly he wont’ be imitating the ring design as it was custom made for his wife.