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Omnifone’s MusicStation Mobile Music Download Service launched

Omnifone's MusicStation Logo Omnifone, a British telecom company has just launched a music download service for mobile phone users called MusicStation. This service has initially been launched in Sweden, but will soon be offered in Europe, Asia and Africa in the weeks to come.

Omnifone’s MusicStation service works on around 80% of new mobile phones and enabled cell phone users to directly download an unlimited number of songs for just a weekly fee of 2.9 euros ($4).

Besides, four of the world’s biggest music labels- Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, EMI Music and Warner Music International- have signed international licensing deals, providing over one million available songs via MusicStation.

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Users are able to keep the downloaded music tracks for as long as they keep their MusicStation subscription running, which is then added to their mobile phone bill.

“It’s hard to imagine a more compelling music experience on mobile phones than MusicStation. It works on almost any phone, giving consumers the freedom to choose whatever device they want (and) it allows downloads wherever those consumers are,” said Rob Wells, Universal Group’s digital division .

However, one drawback of Omnifone’s MusicStation service is that songs can’t be transferred to computers, MP3 players or any other digital gadgets for that matter. But, the company has plans on bringing this service to computers in the future.

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Omnifone’s music download service has beat Apple’s iPhone to the global marketplace by just two weeks. It sure seems like Omnifone wishes to give Apple a run for its money by offering music downloads on mobile phones without the need for a credit card, computer or even a broadband connection!

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