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Olympus and Panasonic together bring Micro Four Thirds System standard

Olympus Imaging Corporation (Olympus Imaging) and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Panasonic) have jointly announced a technology that can make the SLR cameras thinner, lighter and ultra-portable.Micro Four Third System in Camera Setting new standards, the two companies have come up with the ‘Micro Four Thirds System’ that broadens the benefits achieved from Four Thirds System.

The Micro Four Thirds aim to diminish the image of SLR cameras as “big, heavy, and difficult to operate”, which it holds throughout the world. Apparently, digital cameras have got popular over SLR cameras owing to their compactness which is one of the feature preferred by a consumer.

The changes that will occur in SLR cameras after incorporating in them the Micro Four Third System standard are:

  • Approximately 50% shorter flangeback distance (mount-to-sensor distance) than the Four Thirds System standard
  • 6mm smaller lens mount outer diameter
  • Electrical contacts in mount increased from 9 to 11
  • However, the image sensor diagonal dimensions will remain the same for both the Thirds System and Micro Four Thirds System standards.

    Although the companies in joint venture to promote the Micro Four Third System standard, both Panasonic and Olympus will continue to manufacture cameras using the normal Four Third Standard system whilst coming up with new products with new technologies.

    Meanwhile users having the Four Third System lenses can mount them on the Micro Four Thirds System bodies with the help of an adapter, inform the companies.

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