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OLPC talks about its X0-2 Laptop

OLPC Logo One Laptop per Child, a renowned non-profit organization is said to very soon introduce its second generation XO Laptop. It aims at a low cost laptop that can help children in developing countries. Their X0-2 will enhance the new learning concepts and will also be affordable for bulk purchasing for the poor countries.

“Based on feedback from governments, educators and most important, from the children themselves, we are aggressively working to lower the cost, power and size of the XO laptop so that it is more affordable and useable by the world’s poorest children,” said Nicholas Negroponte, founder and chairman of One Laptop per Child. “The delivery of the first generation XO laptop has sparked tremendous global interest in the project and provided valuable input on how to make the XO laptop an even better learning tool moving forward.”

“One Laptop per Child and the XO laptop are crucial to the fulfillment of the proposed UN Ninth Millennium Goal: to ensure that every child between the ages of 6 and 12 has immediate access to a personal laptop computer by 2015,” said Nirj Deva, Member of the European Parliament. “It’s only through access to education that young people will be able to develop the skills necessary to compete globally and to develop the solutions required to break the cycles of poverty, disease and malnutrition. Learning unites the child with the world, binds the village into a community, and joins that community to the global village.”

As we know the first generation XO laptop went on floor in November 2007 and are deployed in a number of countries like Uruguay, Mongolia, Haiti, Rwanda, Mexico, Cambodia, Ethiopia etc. It costs $188 now as the target of $100 is not yet met everywhere. The first generation requires just one-tenth of the power compared to a standard laptop. The power consumption by XO-2 is said to be even lower than 1 watt. This is very important for children in rural areas where electricity is one of the crucial problems.

The XO-2 laptop is half the size compared to the first generation laptop. The design makes it smaller and lighter so that it can be easily carried to a school. In a green and white case with the XO logo, it flaunts a multitude of colors that will let children personalize it. The display is dual touch sensitive. It also has a dual mode display like the current XO laptop. The design is such that in a vertical format it provides a left and right page and in the horizontal format it’s a hinged laptop.

“It’s crucial that the design of the XO laptop produce something that is both highly functional and a lot of fun for children to use,” said Yves Behar, founder of the fuseproject, a San-Francisco-based design and branding firm, and the industrial designer of the XO laptop. “Children have an amazing capacity to let us know how they use the laptop and what they want. The design of the next-generation XO is in response to their passion for learning, for sharing with each other, and for self-expression.”

This XO-2 is said to be planned for delivery in 2010.Though XO-1.5 will be released in the spring of 2009 but with few physical parts and will be priced lower than XO-1.