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Older Samsung Galaxy Phones Get Software Update That Turns Them Into IoT Devices

Samsung Galaxy Upcycle At Home

Samsung has launched a software update for turning older Galaxy smartphones into Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It’s a pretty cool move, one that LG might want to look into now that it’s exiting the handset business.

Released under the name ‘Galaxy Upcycling at Home,’ the rollout is part of Samsung’s existing program — the company’s commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development — that aims to repurpose old Galaxy phones. The update mentioned above will enable users to convert their Samsung handsets into Internet-connected devices like baby monitors, light sensors, and so on.

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Those who can see the option to turn their Galaxy into an IoT device in the SmartThings app can choose how to utilize their phone via the SmartThings Labs feature. For example, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability of the handset in question can be utilized to keep an ear out for certain sounds like a child or a pet making a noise.

You can also take advantage of the in-built light sensor of the retired Galaxy phone to measure the ambient light in a room and automatically turn on a connected smart TV or smart light when it gets dark. Samsung has added a battery optimization solution to the Galaxy Upcycling at Home upgrade in order to make continuous monitoring a viable proposal.

The program is currently in the beta stage. The software can be downloaded onto Galaxy S, Note and Z series smartphones launched from 2018 onwards, providing they run on Android 9 or above. Samsung intends to support an expanded list of devices in the future.

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The Galaxy Upcycling at Home software is out in the US, the UK and South Korea at present. The availability of this software upgrade might vary by carrier in these regions.