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Official Reddit app is live now for Android and iOS, free Gold available

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There are plenty of awesome apps that allow you to browse Reddit on your smartphones, but its makers have now finally released their own version of it. This utility is available for both Android and iOS devices, despite the fact that an ancient official iOS app named Alien Blue already exists on the said platform.

The highlight of this release is that those who download it during its launch week will receive three months of free Reddit Gold once they login. Both versions of the app are only available in certain countries. These seem to include the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. As for when it will be made available in other nations, it is still unclear.

The new official Reddit app lets you go through the ‘frontpage of the Internet’ mostly like other third-party apps do. You can access to all the news, trends and memes you find on the web version right from your smartphone. It moreover, even allows you to search, view and subscribe to subreddits, among other things.

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It features a Night Mode which switches the color scheme to not hurt your eyes so much. Another important Settings option is the one that blurs out NSFW content, just in case someone decides to take a peek at your device while something inappropriate pops up on it. And then of course, there’s the Inbox which notifies you when Redditors are trying to interact with you.

You can head over to the Google Play store or the Apple App Store right now in order to download the official Reddit app, provided you live in one of the countries mentioned above. Android users can download this APK to sideload it on their devices if they are from another country. We can confirm that this method indeed gives you the three-month Gold benefit.