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Official PlayStation Blog launched by Sony America

'PlayStation Blog' header

Sony has unveiled a company blog dubbed ‘PlayStation Blog,’ which will enable SCEA employees to share their thoughts and opinions on a range of topics related to Sony’s PlayStation and gaming as a whole, and will also allow them to get in direct touch with PlayStation customers.

At present, apart from a welcome post there is not much exciting content posted on the blog. The visitor comment feature has been enabled by Sony, thanks to which there are already 300 comments on the welcome note.

“At the moment, we’re thinking about sharing all sorts of things here, ranging from product news and title announcements to developer updates and industry opinion posts – all of which will come straight from the people here inside SCEA who are working, thinking and playing with this stuff every day,” the headlining post, by senior PR manager Patrick Seybold, states. “Look to the categories on the sidebar for some initial thoughts we have on future post themes.”

Current categories listed in the PlayStation Blog are developer corner, find us, hardware, industry outlook, PlayStation Network, Statements, and Title Spotlight.

Meanwhile, ThreeSpeech, Sony’s unofficial blog, will still continue on its own, and is also featured on the Playstation.Blog.