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Official: OnePlus 3 coming by June

OnePlus 2

A OnePlus 3 smartphone is in the making, and its launch is set for June 2016. This much has been officially confirmed so far. When it comes to brand names that generate a lot of excitement, OnePlus is right up there with Samsung and Xiaomi; let’s leave Apple out of this one for now.

But OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, feels that the OnePlus 2 was not welcomed as enthusiastically as the company’s first ever flagship (click on the image below to see why we agree with him). In spite of this, the brand still draws a loyal following. Its online forum presently has about 800,000 users.

History of OnePlus flagships

In an exclusive interview with CNET, Pei confessed his hopes of having the OnePlus 3 possess the same magnetic attraction as the OnePlus One. If you remember, the latter device was released as a budget-friendly alternative to top-tier handsets. Its high-end specs and affordable price was a heady combination too good to resist.

On top of that, OnePlus sold the phone through an invite-only system. This helped it generate a lot of hype and establish itself as a well recognized name in a market already saturated with smartphones. The OnePlus 2 (seen above and below) sold more units, but it didn’t have the same amount of oomph as the first flagship.

OnePlus 2 Review

By the time the OnePlus X came out, fans were positively baying for the annoying invites system to be ditched, and it was. Pei did not reveal if would-be buyers can purchase the OnePlus 3 without furnishing an invitation. But he did mention that the company would use traditional marketing strategies to promote the handset.

What we know about the OnePlus 3, sort of

– The OnePlus 3 will sport a new design (official). So it is unlikely to look very much like the current flagship.

– It will be sold unlocked in the US and other countries, directly by OnePlus.

– You may not need an invite to buy it.

– It will be launched by the end of the second quarter, that’s June.

Lastly, Pei highlighted the fact that the US would be ‘very important’ for the company in 2016. So it looks OnePlus will adopt more aggressive advertising plans to make its presence felt stateside.