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ODOC iPhone and iPod dock project debuts on Kickstarter

iPhone and iPod Dock 1

The ODOC iPhone and iPod dock should probably make a decent companion for Apple iDevices. Dressed with cast aluminum alloy and laid glass as well as stainless steel, this slick accessory recently made its way onto Kickstarter.

Complementing the iPhone’s style, the device flaunts a cylindrical body which can be twisted to deliver five different viewing angles. And it is replete with an o-ring for a better grip when locking onto a position. This very feature should make carrying out operations such as browsing, texting and video calling on the smartphone convenient, while docked onto the ODOC. Additionally, it fits an Apple iPhone or iPod with or without a case and even allows users to single-handedly undock it.

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iPhone and iPod Dock 2

This accessory is equipped with a 30-pin dock and also features an audio connector on its the back. With much space around the iPhone when it is docked, the sound is said to get naturally amplified and let users indulge in hand-free conversations, music listening and more. Sporting a 2.54-inch x 4.27-inch form factor and tipping the scales at 2.7lbs, it comes dipped in shades of glossy black, white or clear over glass. Potential users may also be able to opt for the black option that’s designed with a matte finish.

The ODOC iPhone and iPod dock price amounts to $109 for the clear coat finish variant. When we last checked, the project had received a funding of $26,413 from 216 backers. With 40 days to go, it should be seen reaching the goal of gathering $70,000 for the entire notion to become a reality.

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