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Oasys Mail Manager gets updated with SharePoint integration

Mail Manager

Oasys has announced that its email management software, Mail Manager, has been enhanced with SharePoint integration. The newly incorporated cloud-based storage will come in particularly handy for those using the intuitive filing and email archiving software while offline too.

Apart from SharePoint, Mail Manager is also compatible with OneDrive, Office 365, Google Drive, Documentum, LiveLink, public folders and file system folders. It works with Microsoft Outlook to organize and streamline email workflow, serving as a seamless email filing tool.

The Oasys offering also has a fast and flexible search as one of its strengths. With its latest SharePoint integration, emails and attachments can be saved to the cloud while the user is online or offline. It allows for more flexibility in terms of where employees can work and on what devices.

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A lot of email providers have users dragging and dropping files they wish to move from their inbox to SharePoint. Oasys claims that this mostly leads to lost metadata. It affects search and information tags may have to be added once again after the files have been shifted to the cloud.

Oasys Mail Manager carries metadata by default. It additionally tracks the user’s filing habits. It is designed to suggest folders in which the migrated emails can be stored, instead of filing them away automatically. This feature is active in the cloud, within personal folders or on the network.

Alec Milton, Managing Director of Oasys, states, “Mail Manager will work across multiple platforms at any time. The beauty of the product is its flexibility. Mail Manager is there to help you stay on top of your emails in an easy, intuitive way. Whether this is in the office, at home or remotely from your mobile.”